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The Liquid Biopsy Series: Gynecological and Urinary Cancer

11 Jul 2023

This LabTalk explored liquid biopsy and its use in Gynecological and Urinary cancer, specifically for sBRCA testing. It covered different topics such as clinical utility, the advantages and limitations, issues and emerging opportunities.

2nd October 2023 / 3:00pm CET

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  • Diaceutics - Welcome & introduction to Diaceutics.
  • Prof. Ettore Capoluongo - sBRCA testing in Gynecological and Urinary Cancer
  • All participants - Discussion and questions.


Prof. Capoluongo

Prof. Ettore Capoluongo is Full Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology. He is currently appointed as Director of Department of Clinical Pathology and Genomics at Cannizaro Hospital, Catania (Italy). For more than 13 years he worked as the Head of the Genomic and Personalized Diagnostics Laboratory at Policlinico Gemelli Teaching Hospital. He has been appointed as the Head of the Departmental Oncogenomics Program on Ovarian, Mammary, Pancreatic, Prostatic and pNET tumors Diagnostics at Federico II University Hospital. He is currently member of the Expert panel on medical devices and in vitro diagnostics ('Expamed') at the European Commission, as well as member of the "Committee on Clinical Molecular Biology Curriculum (C-CMBC)" within IFCC. As the Coordinator of the Operational Group on "Use of genomic technologies in the field of treatment personalization" within SIBioC-Laboratory Medicine, he is playing a reference role in the intersociety activities for the harmonization advanced molecular diagnostics tests. He has also been elected member of the Board of Directors of the “Multicenter Italian Trials in Ovarian cancer and gynecological malignancies (MITO-Group)”. Prof. Capoluongo is an internationally recognized molecular geneticist particularly as an expert NGS-based technologies since he has sequenced and reported thousands of genetic tests. Very recently, he has also been nominated as a member of the EFLM-TFG "Circulating Nucleic Acids in plasma and Serum/Circulating Tumor Cells in early detection of cancer" which is an interdisciplinary group (iTFGCNAPS/CTC-EDC) comprising specialists from Laboratory Medicine and Radiology/Imaging. Summary of main bibliometric parameters: Number of peer reviewed papers: 264; H-Index (source Scopus) = 38; Impact factor: > 800 N. of citations: 8219 (source: Google Scholar, updated Dec 2021)​

He is co-author of a book on the use of liquid biopsy: "Liquid Biopsy. New Challenges in the Era of Immunotherapy and Precision Oncology".

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