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Delivering the Precision Oncology Paradigm

10 Jul 2023

We are delighted to see the publication in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice of the first definitive benchmark financial analysis of precision medicine vs OSFA oncology therapies. We believe this baseline landmark work will have multiple benefits to the precision medicine community and support economic value, pricing and investment analysis. 

Authors: Raymond Henderson, Declan French, Elaine Stewart, Dave Smart, Adam Idica, Sandra Redmond, Markus Eckstein, Jordan Clark, Richard Sullivan, Peter Keeling, Mark Lawler

Key findings

  • Precision medicine drugs cost $1bn less to develop than traditional drugs, mainly due to smaller clinical trials and the accelerated path to the market
  • Historically precision medicine sales have averaged $5.2bn over the lifetime of the drug, considerably less than non-precision medicine oncology therapies
  • The authors note that the precision medicine revenues are significantly constrained because of inefficiencies in the diagnostic pathway denying the drugs access to 64% of potentially eligible patients
  • Recommendations include moving towards a precision oncology CDx-guided approach which can deliver health benefits at a potentially affordable cost, including in the development phase, lowering expensive clinical trial attrition rates, and sparing unselected patients those treatments that are ineffective and may have significant side effects

Delivering the Precision Oncology Paradigm

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