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Precision Medicine Readiness Report 2020 NSCLC: An Axis for Change

22 Mar 2023

The second Report in our Axis for Change series analyzes the broken diagnostic testing ecosystem impeding the delivery of precision medicines today and recommends a collaborative industry solution

The Problem

A lack of collaboration between precision medicine stakeholders has led to a broken testing ecosystem with only 50% of eligible patients in oncology getting access to the right treatment

The Solution

Diaceutics’ Network solution has been purpose built to solve the broken testing ecosystem by enabling the industry-wide collaboration needed to get every patient the treatment they deserve

In the Report you'll gain insights into

  • Facilitating CDx partnerships and collaborations in real time enabling treatments to get to market faster
  • Removing local and regional restrictions to test adoption through access to a global network of implementation partners
  • Providing in-lab education, external quality assessment (EQA) support, and training to prepare labs for biomarker tests coming to market
  • Managing Dx quality and inter-lab variability, increasing the cumulative number of patients testing positive
  • Unlocking access to the world’s largest repository of diagnostic testing data from 2500+ labs in 51 countries to inform better treatment decisions

Precision Medicine Readiness Report Part 2: NSCLC An Axis for Change

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