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Multi-Stakeholder Group Bring a unique economic solution to the Clinical Practice Gaps holding back Precision Medicine

19 Mar 2024

Diaceutics PLC announce an open invitation to all stakeholders in precision medicine to join a landmark collaboration to address the economic barriers preventing patient access to life-changing precision medicines.

The Precision Medicine Practice Gaps Economic, Policy and Operational Solutions Forum was established in 2023 to progress research undertaken by Diaceutics and The Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC) which highlighted that 64.4% of a NSCLC patients in the US may not receive the best treatment for their disease. The globally recognised publication “The Impact of Clinical Practice Gaps on the Implementation of Personalized Medicine in Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer” published in The Journal of Clinical Oncology Precision Oncology(JCO) in 2022, identified 7 Clinical Practice Gaps limiting patient access to precision medicine.

In reaction to this critical finding, The Forum was established to urgently address the specific economic gaps limiting the advancement of precision medicine andto enable every patient to get the treatment they deserve.

Co-chaired by Susanne Munksted, Chief Precision Medicine Officer at Diaceutics, and Denny Van Liew, Board Member Emeritus at the PMC and veteran Solution Architect and Life Sciences Senior Advisor at Red Nucleus, The Forum is composed of leading experts in precision medicine across multiple stakeholders, each bringing extensive experience and insights from their careers. The shared aim is to provide the industry and policy makers with valuable and clear economic guidance and recommendations to overcome the challenges obstructing the advancement of precision medicine.

The solutions and recommendations proposed by the Forum will be shared and opened for discussion at a virtual global summit this May 1st. The highly anticipated summit provides a unique opportunity for all members of the precision medicine community to contribute to the culminating white paper recommendations and play a role in shaping the future of precision medicine.

The Personalized Medicine Coalition has been a core partner both within the Clinical Practical Gaps research and The Precision Medicine Practice Gaps Economic, Policy and Operational Solutions Forum bringing strategic guidance.


“The technologies, clinical practices, and financial incentives needed to successfully deliver high-quality health care in the era of personalised medicine differ substantially in comparison to what was needed during decades characterised by less sophisticated approaches.” 

said Daryl Pritchard, PMC’s Senior Vice President, Science Policy.

“If the economic challenges providers face in adopting personalised medicine are left unaddressed, patients will suffer as high-value personalised medicine technologies will needlessly be left on the shelf.”

Sarah Hersey, Vice President of Precision Medicine at Bristol-Myers Squibb and member of the Forum, expressed,

"This forum will serve as a healthy discourse to address the root complexities surrounding precision medicine and economic barriers. Together, the precision medicine community can identify possible solutions to close the clinical care gaps and help increase access to effective treatments for patients in need."

Susanne reflects on the collective experience across the Forum members and shared patient-focused motivation,

“Those of us operating in precision medicine have been aware of the stealthy influence which economics have had on patient testing in precision medicine. This has not always been for the better. Revisiting the 2022 Clinical Practice Gaps research with a deeper focus on the economic barriers preventing patients receiving optimized targeted treatments has brought insightful discussion amongst the Forum members. It was rewarding to see how informed we all were on the real-world issues and how aligned we could be on the potential solutions to positively impact patients.”

Denny Van Liew adds,

“The passion amongst the Forum members demonstrates there is ambition to overcome the economic challenges which exist and support the wider precision medicine industry by providing practical recommendations and guidance on future policy development. I welcome everyone across precision medicine to join the discussion in May and to offer their input into this important paper.”

The summit is already drawing attention from key industry leaders and influencers with a growing agenda of speakers and confirmed delegates. Secure your place and join the discussion.

The summit is free to attend and open to all.

To register please click the link below: