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The Rare Disease Series: Wilson's Disease

30 May 2023

Access the recording for part 1 of our LabTalk Rare Disease Series focusing on Wilson's Disease.

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The Rare Disease Series: Wilson's Disease
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Wilson's disease is an autosomal rare inherited disorder affecting the ATP7B gene on chromosome 13, that causes a disturbance in the copper homeostasis leading to accumulate Cu in the liver, the brain and other vital organs. Beginning with an overview of the medical condition, the diagnosis and patient management of Wilsons disease we are introducing the new webinar series on rare genetic diseases. 


  • Diaceutics - Welcome & introduction to Diaceutics.
  • What is Wilson's Disease? Diagnosis and screening
  • Understanding the Pathophysiology
  • Treatment and Management
  • Research and Future Perspectives
  • All participants - Discussion and questions.


Professor Dhawan

Prof Dhawan

Prof Dhawan is a consultant in Paediatric Hepatology with a special interest in liver cell transplantation, immuno-suppression after liver transplantation, Wilson's Disease, neonatal cholestasis and acute liver failure. He is based at the King's College Hospital, London. Prof Dhawan is a well known internationally and has held or currently holds board level appointments with the European Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, International Liver Transplantation Society and Cell Transplantation Society. Prof Dhawan qualified as a doctor in India and has since held appointments in the USA and the UK. He is also the Clinical Academic Group (CAG) Leader for Child Health at King’s Health Partners.

Professor Dr. med. karl Heinz Weiss

Prof Dr. med. Karl Heinz Weiss

Prof Dr. med. Karl Heinz Weiss is a specialist in internal medicine, gastroenterology and transplant medicine and the director of the Dept. of Internal Medicine at Salem Medical Center in Heidelberg, Germany. He did is medical training as adult hepato-oncologists at the medical university center in Heidelberg. His clinical and biochemical research is focused on Wilson’s disease (WD) and copper trafficking. He has been national coordinating investigator for several WD clinical trials focusing on anti-copper drugs and is internationally well known for his expertise.

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