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Precision Medicine Readiness Report 2019: Part 1

22 Mar 2023

Welcome to Diaceutics' Precision Medicine Readiness Report, the first in a series of reports that have the single goal of improving awareness, across key industrial and organizational stakeholders, of the embedded inefficiencies of the diagnostic ecosystem supporting Precision Medicine. Doing so will help us all to better organize in order to radically improve patient outcomes and repair the current broken testing ecosystem that results in significant loss of corporate value.

In this Report we reflect that 20 years after HERCEPTIN® (trastuzumab) shifted our focus from one-size-fits-all therapy to targeted testing and treatment, it is now time to rethink the commercial relationship between testing and treatment. Specifically, it is time to “call time” on the siloed thinking that is denying patients access to the right tests and better treatments. We endeavor to use our experience with more than 900 therapy/diagnostic projects and the insights we’ve derived from our real-world data regarding the impact our fragmented commercial approach is having on patients.

Precision Medicine Readiness Report 2019: Part 1

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