Organisation Profile

HistoCyte Laboratories Ltd

United Kingdom


Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, HistoCyte Laboratories Ltd is certified to the
ENISO 13485:2016 standard. We have been able to work closely with academic scientists and pathologists in order to test our product range and engage with experts in the histopathology field.

This, together with the relationships we have developed with other key opinion leaders and institutions, has allowed us to clearly identify the needs of scientists in histopathology laboratories around the world. As a result, we aim to deliver high quality, reproducible and cost-effective analyte control material for same-slide use in histopathology. Our current products include controls for PD-L1, HER2, ER, PR, EML4-ALK, ROS1, NPM-ALK, HPV and p16, with many more in development. The products are available in a range of formats to suit the individual workflow and requirements of each laboratory.

Newcastle upon Tyne

United Kingdom

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