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The use of NGS is increasingly widespread for the diagnosis of patients with hereditary cancer. The lack of standardization and / or clear recommendations on how to report the NGS test results can be a challenge in the laboratories routine practice. Furthermore, the use of different platforms and biomarker panels across laboratories can increase these differences in terms of reporting and as a consequence, in how the physicians will interpret the results. Diaceutics reporting assessment program aims to understand the NGS reporting trends across spanish laboratories to highlight the specific challenging aspect of the reports and share expert´s recommendations to help participants to improve on it.

  How this collaboration works: 

  -Participants will share anonymized NGS reports of predifined biomarkers relevant in hereditary cancer and will also provide general information regarding testing routine and capabilities through a secure area via DXRX – The Diagnostic Network® (“DXRX Network”).

-All the reports will be anonymized by Diaceutics to perserve lab identity.

-2 experts in the field will evalute the reports according to predefined criteria.

-Participants will get access to a general overview analysis showing the reporting trends and also a detailed evaluation of their specific reports.



To benefit from this opportunity, participants will need to complete a survey to which you can access by clicking to "Join this Collaboration" button in the attached pdf file, where NGS reports can be uploaded accordingly. The survey will be accessible through the DXRX Network to which the labs will be automatically registered.

*The requested information will help Diaceutics understand how testing is performed in your lab and will enable us to design strategies to support testing and patient treatment.

By submitting your application to participate, you agree to the DXRX Membership Terms . For details on how we process your personal data, see our DXRX Privacy Statement .


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Collaboration Opportunity NGS reporting assessment program in hereditary cancer Spain

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