EQA program: UKNEQAS ICC and ISH Mismatch Repair (MMR) Proteins

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Germline mutations in DNA MMR proteins are one of the molecular fingerprints of Lynch syndrome; somatic mutations in these proteins are also associated with neoplastic conditions such as colorectal cancer and endometrial cancers. As more cancers are linked to these proteins, their importance as precision medicine biomarkers continues to grow.  

  Why join the collaboration:   

Receive sponsorship towards participation in this international EQA module in 2021. Benefit from three assessment runs¹ with the assessment of two paired antigens at each run. MLH1 & PMS2 OR MSH2 & MSH6 will be requested alternately.  

Gain confidence from an ISO:17043 accredited external body that MMR testing is being performed to a consistently high standard.  

¹First slide dispatch scheduled for 9/Aug/2021


To benefit from this opportunity, please ensure that lab assay details in “Assay Management” section reflects the following information for Q4 2020 & Q1 2021:

· CRC and EC disease volumes

· MMR (MLH1, MSH2, MSH6 and/or PMS2) and MSI* biomarker testing methods/assays and volumes
RAS* and/or BRAF* biomarker volume and testing methods/assays in CRC

· p53 and/or TP53* biomarker volume and testing methods/assays in EC

The information above will help Diaceutics understand how testing is performed in your lab and will enable us to design strategies to support testing and patient treatment.

This collaboration expires in 28/June/2021

*If your lab does not perform molecular testing in these indications for any of the requested biomarkers, please send us a message via “Ask a question”.


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EQA program UKNEQAS ICC and ISH Mismatch Repair (MMR) Proteins 

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