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BRAF testing in metastatic colorectal cancer series at a glance

8 Apr 2024

Over the past few months, Diaceutics have delivered a series of digital activities focusing on the clinical significance of BRAF testing in mCRC.

This series of digital engagements highlighted the importance of rapid and accurate BRAF V600E testing in mCRC patients to guide therapeutic strategy for optimal patient outcomes.

As we wrap up this series, catch-up on various activities to:

  • Delve into the molecular biology of BRAF V600E mutation in mCRC and explore its clinical relevance
  • Listen to Professor Matteo Fassan discuss the current diagnostic scenario, focusing on different molecular techniques during the Lab Talk Colorectal cancer and BRAF V600E testing
  • Download the FAQs from the series and the slides from the Lab Talk. These can be printed for ease of reference.

The first Lab Alert article sheds light on the significant clinical utility of BRAF testing in mCRC due to the strong prognostic impact of the V600E mutation and its relevance in informing the therapeutic strategy. However, the heterogeneous diagnostic landscape stresses the need for hospitals and labs to optimise BRAF testing in mCRC.

This was followed by a Lab Talk with Prof. Matteo Fassan, Head, Department of Pathology, ULSS2 Marca Trevigiana, Italy, exploring the molecular biology and role of BRAF mutations in mCRC. To further support labs in BRAF testing, Prof. Fassan discussed the current diagnostic scenario and compared and analysed different molecular techniques for optimal testing and reporting.

Thank you for joining us during this series. We want to bring you more information on this and other relevant topics in precision medicine. Take 2 minutes to complete the survey below and access the Lab Talk slides led by Professor Fassan. Your participation will enhance our ability to fulfil our mission of better testing, better treatment.

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Download the BRAF V600E testing FAQs.

Download the FAQs from the series!
Download the FAQs from the series!

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