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Artificial Intelligence in breast cancer: From clinic to lab

15 Nov 2023

Diaceutics are proud to launch our new podcast series, 'Better Testing, Better Treatment'!

We are excited to announce the second episode of our podcast series, ‘Better Testing, Better Treatment’, is available to the public!

Artificial Intelligence in Breast Cancer: from Labs to Clinic
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We are fortunate to invite two experts in the field of breast cancer who share their experiences of using artificial intelligence within their laboratories.

Oncologist, Dr. Elie Rassy, and pathologist, Dr. Magali Lacroix-Triki, from the Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus, dive into discussions about the profound impact that AI has brought to breast cancer diagnosis. By listening to this podcast, you will learn about current projects utilizing artificial intelligence, the challenges that AI brings to pathology labs and the future potential of this innovative technology.

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The Better Testing, Better Treatment podcast series